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Communication on the fireground is made easier and safer with a personal public address system integrated into an incident command center
France’s Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne is home to MSA Safety’s Gallet fire helmets
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As standards in PPE have changed to include updates in care and maintenance as well as cancer preventative initiatives, Cairns has kept up
Lawrence Firefighter Patrick Sweeney kept one of his grandfather’s military dog tags in his helmet
Consider key factors like shell materials, durability, weight and comfort
A couple used Facebook to find the family of Clarence Wilker, a longtime Lorain firefighter whose helmet had been hidden away in their basement
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Educate yourself on the materials and correct use of the gear you use for structural firefighting
Bullard’s new UST-LW fire helmet solves multiple challenges with a sturdy, lightweight design that’s easily cleaned and decontaminated and comes with additional safety options
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When fire service leaders focus on behavior change, culture takes care of itself
Reflecting on the evolution of gear through my career, the impact of an early burn, and how one leader gave me a better option
Does dirty gear really show how capable a firefighter you really are?
About $73,000 has been donated to provide the ballistic safety gear to St. Paul firefighters, who are all certified as EMTS or paramedics, through the nonprofit organization Shield616
Help keep you, your crew and your patient safe at motor vehicle collision scenes
The SOLO RESCUE Decon Cleaning Machine helps firefighters clean helmets, boots, gloves and other small equipment, while minimizing potential exposure
The Cedar Rapids firefighters sustained blunt force trauma and one was knocked unconscious, officials said
Photographs show the firefighter’s helmet cracked after the incident
A detailed look at how to properly care for your PPE, with focus on helmets and protective hoods
Your structural firefighting helmet is basically your best friend on the fireground. But here’s why you should look at a sleeker model for certain situations.
The nonprofit has set a goal of $130,000 to go toward outfitting every city firefighter with body armor and helmets
Leather or composite? Traditional or techy? New York or Houston? Debate abounds – and so do the choices
Officials say a large chunk of plaster ceiling fell on all three firefighters during an apartment blaze Sunday
The fire department is considering purchasing more cameras after receiving positive feedback from firefighters and the public