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Hurricane Irma

Firefighter Felix Marquez and a team of responders remove rotted wood from Bob Thomas’ roof and replaced it with sturdy plywood
FEMA Administrator Brock Long said recovering from the recent spate of disasters will be tremendously expensive
The report will include a detailed critique of the emergency response and other issues to identify lessons from the experience
Fire investigators were unable to pinpoint the cause of the electrical malfunction, but said extensive water damage was a factor
Firefighter Jim Lund had lost a stuffed Dalmatian he took to every call that was given to him by his 2-year-old daughter 18 years ago
Major storms can be a good thing for forests, but the dry debris left behind is a wildfire hazard, according to Florida Forest Service officials.
The 25-foot-wide crater destroyed the home that Ellen and Gary Miller had lived in for 49 years
The combined tab from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is expected to hit $200 billion or more
Responders can get free tickets for themselves and five additional guests to WonderWorks, a science-driven attraction
Here are some ways you can help give back to first responders affected by Hurricane Irma
Smoke was coming from the home, but firefighters couldn’t respond until five hours later due to suspended service during the storm
“We can’t help the people who are truly in need when we keep having to deal with people who are minorly inconvenienced,” Fire Capt. Jason Sellers said
“Chokes me up. This is so cool, these boys are all the way from California,” Twitter user Franco Powers said
Firefighters were rescuing people from homes struck by trees near the Florida line in Lowndes County, Georgia
Fire crews and police took an armored vehicle through the city to reach the woman’s house