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Emergency Preparedness

We must slow down during the transition from ‘automatic’ to ‘effortful’ in our responses
When it comes to planning and politics, not every action must have an equal and opposite reaction
Costa Mesa firefighters, Project Independence members gave disaster preparedness training to adults living with intellectual disabilities
Transparent communication between city managers and fire chiefs is essential for building a strong partnership and ensuring the city’s overall wellbeing
Maximizing the power of response vehicles
A California fire department and utility company devised the exercise to underscore National Preparedness Month messaging to plan for disasters
Best practices for using built-in fire protection systems
Lessons learned from past storms and preparations for Hurricane Hilary played a part in having zero fatalities
A social media roundup of how some fire departments took action as Hurricane Idalia made landfall
Idalia is expected to make landfall Wednesday bringing storm surge and flooding
Data collected will help assess emergency communications capabilities and needs of federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments
Preparation and early warning are critical, but there’s no guarantee we can match Mother Nature’s forces
Maui Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya said they were afraid people would head into the mountains, towards the fire
Maui County officials sent alerts to cellphones, television and radio stations, but it is unclear if it was before widespread power, cellular outages
While no fire department is ever fully prepared for such extreme conditions, we must constantly review and practice our response efforts