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EMS providers reported several encounters with the suspect, including one in which he was allegedly carrying a firearm
The Orange County Fire Authority deputy chief of operations, who abruptly retired last week, allegedly threatened to arrest a motorist who gave him the middle finger
Linda Heinold, 52, who police say used the alias “Vallie Light,” is accused of using multiple people’s social security numbers to make purchases
Police received reports of a suspicious man showing up to multiple emergency scenes, including a brush fire that he helped extinguish
Police said the man had flashing blue lights on his vehicle, which also displayed emblems from fire and EMS departments he is not a member of
Officials say the man swindled local businesses while posing as an EMS lieutenant, complete with a fake uniform and badge
Police say the suspect told the owner of the car he needed to move it for an emergency
The man was charged with two felonies after reportedly showing up to emergency scenes and representing himself as a volunteer firefighter
After the Dilworth Police Department issued a warning about potential firefighter imposters in the area, the sheriff, who is also the fire chief, set the record straight
Officials say the man was dressed in uniform and identified himself as an on-duty firefighter as he broke into a garage
Deputies say the man was fired from a local fire department and was collecting cash in a boot
When stopped by police, Guy M. Landmeier, 45, showed a badge for the Rutland-Dundee Township Fire Protection District
Ashley Bemis was sentenced to jail after posing as a firefighter’s wife to collect thousands of dollars
Police said Ashley Bemis posted photos on multiple social media pages of herself and her “fictitious firefighter husband” asking for donations
Mario Thompson was arrested after authorities say his false call about an active shooter put an area hospital on an hours-long lockdown