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Vancouver paramedics were treating a patient when their squad was stolen and later abandoned
Austin Lewallen, the former chief of the Paint Rock Volunteer Fire Department, is accused of using at least $13,700 for personal purchases
“They are stealing from our ability to help people,” SFD Assistant Chief Chris Lombard said
Morley Volunteer Fire Company former treasurer Cindi Perkins admitted to stealing over $16K
The Pleasantville Fire Department bell, used to alert firefighters before sirens, was significantly damaged
Dustin Jay Knutson was spotted speeding through a Kalama, Wash. marina in the Portland Fire & Rescue boat
Lawrence Firefighter Jean Jimenez said his Class A uniform and other honor guard items were in his SUV
10 steps to reduce the risk of financial misconduct, promoting a transparent and accountable organization
Darell Caldwell led police on a string of interstate crashes from Arlington County into the District of Columbia
The Wellborn fire chief told a deputy that he had allowed the woman to spend the night at the firehouse
The Lebanon Fire District may have to delay future fire investigations after many of their tools were stolen from a trailer
Miami-Dade Engine 32 was stolen from a training exercise and eventually stopped several hours later in Palm Beach County
The Baltimore City FD truck was stolen during a medical call
Yassin A. Abdikadir pleaded guilty to taking Buffalo Fire Department Engine 1 while firefighters were responding to an EMS call
The missing items include a Portland Fire & Rescue turnout jacket and firefighting air packs