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Jaws of Life

The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
The Hamlet Volunteer Fire Department said it has received many donation offers
Colton firefighters stabilized the car in the water and used a Jaws of Life tool to pull off a door; EMS providers transported both survivors to a trauma center
The company is marking its half-century milestone with a celebratory logo, challenge coins, and patches
Video shows open apparatus compartments after thieves made off with nearly $25K worth of equipment from Whatcom County District 16’s Station 86
Ann Arbor firefighters had to try a couple techniques before successfully freeing the woman, whose TikTok video of the ‘entrapment’ has gone viral
Each of the more than 150 kits to be donated contains a Jaws of Life tool, portable lighting, electronic road flares and more
Focus on new tools and techniques, but don’t ignore the strategic big picture
Firefighters worked for almost an hour to rescue a Museum of Science and Industry worker, who was pinned under a forklift
Students learned several vehicle-rescue techniques, including how to safely knock out windows and how to properly use the Jaws of Life to remove doors
Officials say the 6-month-old dog named Fifi had managed to wedge her head inside one of the block’s holes
Firefighters had to use hydraulic rescue tools, the Jaws of Life, to disassemble the bull and save the man
Check out the products the FireRescue1 team had a first-hand look at during the week-long conference in Indianapolis
Rescue specialists will showcase best practices and battery-powered tool performance
This involved technique, while rarely used, can enable rescuers to create enough space to extricate a victim safely
Here are the important things to keep in mind to prepare and practice for this type of response
One of the new machines uses scanning technology to compare the parts that have been machined
The second Teen Summer Camp brought dozens of children to the department to mingle with personnel and experience the business end of a fire hose
Nine people went to the hospital after a driver going the wrong way crashed into a minivan
The Jaws of Life was first created in 1961 and are now indispensable tools for many fire departments
The debuted tools include cutters, spreaders and combination tools
The top videos of February included some helpful extrication tips and a day in the life of a firefighter
According to a police report, a firefighter noticed that one of the compartments on the fire truck was opened and that a hydraulic power unit was missing
These stories about Jaws of Life are truly remarkable
Firehouse Subs will fund more than $1 million in public safety equipment, disaster relief and more through quarterly grants
Smiths Grove Assistant Chief Steven Wilson said he jumped into a ditch and watch the tractor-trailer slide above him
Here’s how to avoid common vehicle rescue mistakes and get the most out of our extrication tools
StrongArm helps responders to properly arm themselves in tactical rescue or rapid intervention