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Va. bill that would allow responders to conceal, carry weapons passes Senate

SB 1012 would allow specific firefighters and EMS providers to carry a concealed weapon


By News Staff

RICHMOND, Va. — A bill that would allow first responders to carry concealed weapons passed Virginia’s Senate.

WTVR reported that SB 1012 would give specific firefighters, EMS providers and Virginia National Guard Armed Forces Reserves the ability to carry concealed weapons, “provided that such firefighter or person employed as emergency medical services personnel has been approved to carry a concealed handgun by his fire chief or emergency medical services chief,” according to the proposed legislation.

According to the Washington Post, firefighters and EMS providers would still be required to obtain a concealed-carry permit, and the local elected governing body would have to approve as well.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Amanda Chase, who is the mother of an EMT. She said first responders are often faced with dangerous calls in which they might need to defend themselves, such as an active shooter situation.

The bill will now move to the House, which rejected similar proposed legislation last year.