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Mayday: Firefighter continues to fight Mass. fire after falling through floor

The firefighter was able to remove himself from the mix-used building without injuries

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NBC 10

By Sarah Roebuck

ARLINGTON, Mass. — A firefighter fell through the first floor of a mixed-use building while battling a fire, NBC10 reports.

The firefighter was able to get out of the building and no injuries were reported.

Arlington Fire Chief Kevin Kelley told NBC 10 the firefighter actually continued working after getting up.

“Our first engine arrived, reported heavy smoke and fire coming out of the roof, we started an interior, aggressive interior attack, shortly into the fire, we had a firefighter go through the floor,” Kelley told NBC 10. “Fortunately he wasn’t injured, he was able to rescue himself, at that point the incident commander evacuated the building, and we went into a defensive mode.”

The chief said inside the building, there was an electrician’s shop, bike shop and machine shop, which complicated the fire.

No one else was inside the building and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.