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The pilot and two others sustained moderate injuries and were transported to a trauma center
Investigators are expected to take weeks to find the cause of the crash that killed a Bernalillo County FF-medic and sheriff’s office employees
Most manufacturers have posted their updated ERGs on their websites and submitted them to the NFPA
The report outlines how a recently installed water tank and snorkel for water drop exercises contributed to the crash
Investigators found that I-35W was treated for ice 44 hours before the crash
Investigators believe there were no smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire, according to the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office
The National Fire Protection Association said it has already started to increase training on extinguishing electric vehicle fires
Survey reveals one-third of departments don’t train on EV fires, half don’t have SOGs for them
The captain of the dive boat Conception could face federal manslaughter charges for alleged safety violations
The NTSB’s report found that Jet A fuel was mistakenly added to the plane, which only uses aviation gasoline
Fire departments were not able to reach a gas company official for several hours and company officials were slow to provide vital information to first responders
Boats like the Conception are required to have a crewmember keep watch at night
Some first responders reported smelling natural gas as they pulled people to safety
The train had erratically changed speeds in the three minutes before the crash, accelerating and decelerating between 2 and 10 mph
The front of the slow-moving train hit a bumping block as it pulled into the terminal, left the tracks and smashed into a small structure