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Electric Fire

Modesto firefighters are placing electric vehicles in a large dumpster for a cool-down period after the fire
Norwalk firefighters used multiple dry chemical extinguishers to put the fire out
Li-ion batteries are here to stay and it’s on firefighters to keep up with advances in battery technology
It’s time for the fire service to get a seat at the table of technological advancements that will impact our service delivery
Sanford firefighters work to stay up-to-date on the latest vehicle technology
The fire service is uniquely positioned to lead the transition to more electric devices in our homes, workplaces and community as a whole
The 2023 Mercedes Benz EQE350+ electric vehicle wasn’t being charged when it began to burn
FFs from several departments battled a rooftop fire at a pharmaceutical supply warehouse in Mercer County
Eric Valliere, chair of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association, spoke with FireRescue1 about this year’s safety push around electric batteries
Orlando will begin testing two driverless buses that will run daily on traditional bus routes
The fatal fire happened amid growing concern in the city about fires linked to the lithium ion batteries that power electric bikes and scooters
Ziamatic’s Vehicle Cooling Units were designed to use less water and manpower to get EV fires under control safely
Without data, the extent of the problem is unknown
When lithium-ion batteries are stored in bulk, the volatile fuel load presents a major challenge for firefighters