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Photo of the Week: Driving up fire safety and cancer awareness in Indiana

The Greensburg Fire Department is hosting school presentations for Fire Prevention Week and wrapped a tanker in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Photo/Greensburg Fire Department

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By FireRescue1 Staff

GREENSBURG, Ill. — The Greensburg Fire Department is raising awareness of fire prevention tactics and breast cancer at the same time.

This week Greensburg firefighters are visiting area schools to discuss smoke alarms, safe meeting spots and other fire safety topics.

And they have shown off their apparatus, too – including a tanker wrapped in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Greensburg Asst. Fire Chief Brian Wenning lost his wife to cancer in 2018, and since her passing the fire department has joined him in fighting breast cancer through fundraising, according to the Greensburg Daily News.

This year, Wenning got local businesses to chip in the wrap the tanker in pink.

Follow the department on social media to find out more about their awareness activities.


Photo/Greensburg Fire Department