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Quiz: How much do you know about CO poisoning?

Check your knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning causes, symptoms and protective strategies on scene

By FireRescue1 Staff

Even the most detailed call can’t prepare first responders for everything they might encounter on a medical response. This quiz aims to evaluate your knowledge about carbon monoxide poisoning – a common yet often overlooked danger you might encounter when entering a patient’s home. Understanding CO poisoning, its causes, symptoms and protective strategies is crucial to not only accurately treat and protect your patients, but also your crew.

Good luck!

CO poisoning is a life-threatening emergency and victims must be removed from the environment immediately without placing the rescuers in danger
Look beyond the classic symptoms of cyanide, and CO poisoning, and thermal inhalation, to find the best course of treament
Toxicologist Jerry Snow, MD, joins our hosts to discuss the common symptoms and what leads to misdiagnosis in carbon monoxide poisoning