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Pa. volunteer firefighter injured after being trapped under debris for 40 minutes

The Middletown community is rallying to support Shawn Menear, who was flown to a Philadelphia hospital after sustaining burns in a collapse


Firefighter Shawn Menear was stabilized before being flown to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia after being trapped in a structure collapse.

Middletown Fire Department/GoFundMe

By Kerri Hatt

MIDDLETOWN, Pa — A Middletown Volunteer Fire Department Firefighter was injured after being trapped in a structure fire on Jan. 23.

Approximately 90 firefighters from four counties responded to the scene, where first arriving crews attempted to suppress the fire and began a search for any occupants, according to a press release from Chief Kenton Whitebread Jr. The homeowner was located on the first floor but unfortunately did not survive.

The second floor of the structure collapsed, taking three firefighters from the Swatara Fire-Rescue Department with it and trapping Middletown Firefighter Shawn Menear.

The Swatara firefighters were rescued by their own crew and were unharmed, according to the release, but Menear was trapped below debris for approximately 40 minutes while the on-scene RIT worked to safely extricate him.

Menear was stabilized at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center before being flown to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

A fundraiser has been created and local businesses and the community are showing support for Menear and his family.

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