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Photos: Ariz. firefighters rescue skydiver after parachute becomes tangled in power lines

Eloy Fire District firefighters ensured electricity to the power lines was turned off before working to free the man


Photo/Eloy Fire District

By Rachel Engel

ELOY, Ariz. — Fire crews helped rescue a skydiver whose parachute became tangled in power lines after a jump, FOX 10 reported.

The Elroy Fire District shared in a Facebook post that the jumper was awake and alert when crews arrived on the scene.

Firefighters worked with power officials to ensure that the power was off and grounded before performing a “coordinated operation that would first relieve tension from the line itself, and then free the injured skydiver from entanglement in his own parachute cords,” the fire district shared.

Firefighters were then able to free the man and bring him down safely.

“The operation was a success, and the patient was flown to a level-one trauma center for evaluation,” officials said.