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Video: Texas firefighters rescue driver trapped in box truck dangling off side of bridge

Dallas-Fire Rescue and the Urban Search and Rescue Team positioned an aerial ladder above the box truck and used a harness to hoist the driver to safety

By Sarah Roebuck

DALLAS — Firefighters from the Dallas-Fire Rescue and other first responders rescued a driver who was trapped after the box truck they were driving went over the side of a bridge, CBS Texas reports.

The crash happened Monday afternoon on a freeway when the box truck became wedged between the side of the bridge and an overpass, trapping the driver inside.

The Urban Search and Rescue Team was called to assist Dallas-Fire Rescue in stabilizing the vehicle. Once the box truck was stabilized, first responders used aerial ladders to reach the driver.

A ladder was initially set up on the street below, enabling the USAR technicians to ascend to the truck’s cab. Crews then established a rope mechanism at the end of a second ladder, which was strategically positioned above the truck’s cab. As soon as the rescue team from the first ladder reached the driver, they secured him into a harness. He was then connected to the rope system at the end of the second ladder and hoisted to a safe location.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.