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SAFER grant

Members of Congress are urged to sign a letter that would include AFG and SAFER in an upcoming “must pass” funding bill
The message: Authorize full funding for the USFA plus the AFG and SAFER grant programs
The Ogdensburg City Council hired a consultant to assist with AFG, SAFER grants
Santa finally shares news about AFG, SAFER and Fire Prevention & Safety grant programs
Prevention, increased demands and community awareness are what the Woodland Fire Department will address over five years
A SAFER grant will help the Haverhill Fire Department will fund a new ladder truck and increase staffing
With program “sunset” on the horizon, National Advisory Council members converge to call on Congress to take action for America’s fire service
A nearly 10-million-dollar grant will help the Frederick County Division of Fire Rescue Services hire 32 firefighters
AFG and SAFER programs are scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, 2024
Six new firefighters will be added to the Bettendorf Fire Department thanks to a SAFER grant
Resident grants guru Chief Jerry Brant details what application reviewers are looking for, plus common grant proposal mistakes
The Haverhill Fire Department’s SAFER grant will also cover 100% of the new members’ salaries and benefits for three years
Departments in the western part of the state will benefit from funding through SAFER and AFG grants
SAFER grants, youth outreach and marketing are leveraged to help FDs answer calls
If your department is struggling to replace its radios, a fire grant can help