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Dixon firefighter committee decided to change from lemony yellow to red/gray for new type 1 engine
Benjamin Hendry said firefighters were not properly trained to drive safely and use the traffic light changing system; a FD spokesman denied the claims
The firefighters provided medical aid and transported the driver to a hospital
The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and the two firefighters were unharmed but shaken up
Three Oakland firefighters were injured, transported to a hospital and released later that day
Residents argued firefighters had no problem responding to calls in the seven years the siren was previously turned off for repairs
One resident voiced concerns that the 95- and 109-decibel sirens in town could have a negative health impact
The agency hopes to preserve roadway safety by running ambulances without lights and sirens when a patient’s injuries are not life-threatening
A Kansas City Fire Department pumper operating with lights and sirens struck a car that failed to yield, then hit two more vehicles and a pedestrian
Lawmakers seek to replace the long, droning sound from first responder vehicles to a European-style, high-low sound
The Detroit Fire Fighter Association claims a controversial policy that dictates when lights and sirens can be used is a “public safety failure”
The suits, filed by nearly 190 Buffalo firefighters, claim Federal Signal Corp. “knew or should have known” their sirens were harmful
The court decided that the firefighters, who claimed a fire truck siren damaged their hearing, could not prove that another brand would have been safer
“I heard that, ‘It’s an old tradition and you really don’t need a fire siren.’ Well, we do,” Asisstant Chief Joe Flanick said
The lawsuit claims the sirens exposed firefighters to “loud, excessive and harmful noise levels”
The firefighters said in their lawsuit that Federal Signal Corp. should have warned them of the hazards of long-term exposure to the high-intensity sirens
The new protocol aims to improve safety by reducing the amount of emergency vehicle crashes
Firefighters claim Federal Signal Corp. failed to install protective devices that would’ve redirected the 120-decibel noise
Neighbors say the noise is unnecessary with pagers; the chief says it is valuable for outages and tornado warnings
Thirty-four firefighters claim they suffered permanent hearing loss; each firefighter is seeking $150,000 in damages
Chief Lloyd Crago: “We don’t want the fire siren to blow, but when it does, it means somebody needs us.”
The 70-year-old wants $150,000 and suggested sirens be covered by a shield to reduce noise
Well-known fire truck and siren manufacturers are among the six defendants in the case
The malfunction led to three minutes of sirens loudly blaring throughout the town
Town officials are considering relocating the siren by the town hall
Rodney Bingham was four feet away from the truck’s bumper when the engine’s siren was activated; it caused permanent damage to his hearing
The lights and sirens allow the 16 officials to quickly respond to events “to assess imminent threats to the public and often help mitigate a crisis situation”
“If you lived as close to the fire department as we do and hear the siren going off at all hours of the day and night, you would want a better system also,” one resident said