Ohio firefighters plan drill to show staffing concerns

The goal is to illustrate how a 16-person crew allows firefighters to simultaneously attack the fire and start a rescue operation

By FireRescue1 Staff 

LORAIN, Ohio — Lorain firefighters will be staging an exercise for the city's elected officials to show that they need to add firefighters to their ranks.  

According to The Morning Journal, the Lorain Professional Firefighters Local 267 union is planning to demonstrate to city officials why the fire department needs to increase their daily minimum roster from 15 to 16 crewmembers. The Aug. 10 exercise is meant to show officials that having a dedicated search-and-rescue crew will increase safety measures for firefighters and residents alike.  

Firefighters will perform two drills involving a burning building structure – one with a 14-person team and another with a 16-person team. The goal is to illustrate how a 16-person crew allows firefighters to simultaneously attack the fire and start a rescue operation. 

The firefighter’s union also published an online post called "Safety Concern" to describe how a roster of 66 firefighters would increase safety and avoid issues in the future. Firefighters hope that the combination of the demonstration and the safety post will encourage city leaders to approve adding more firefighters to the department.  


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