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Survival kit: Line of duty deaths

This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help you cope with a line of duty death.

A department that experiences an LODD can’t change the past, but it can affect the future to ease pain and prevent more deaths
Not every firefighter reacts the same way to a bad call and a cookie-cutter debriefing may do more harm than good
The reports on the fire that claimed Firefighter Stanley Wilson’s life show that incident commanders must be trained and prepared to lead
How NIOSH investigators and the department can better understand the LODD and prevent its repeat
To understand the U.S. Fire Administration’s report on 2012 on-duty firefighter deaths, you need to look deep into the numbers and their trends
With 2013 shaping up to be one of the worst years in recent history for line of duty deaths, adjust your practices with these root causes front of mind