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Detroit fire, EMS crews attacked at crash scene

A large crowd began throwing objects and damaging a fire engine as crews tried to reach crash victims

By Bill Carey

DETROIT — Detroit firefighters were attacked by a crowd on Nov. 13 while working to extricate crash victims.

An SUV crashed into a building in the area of 7 Mile Road and Terrell Avenue at 3:00 a.m., WDIV reported.

Firefighters and medics called to the encountered a large crowd on the scene. As first responders tried to get to the SUV, the crowd began throwing objects at a fire engine. At one point, someone took a hydrant valve off the fire engine and shattered its windshield.

Officials said the response time was quick, but once first responders were able to get through the crowd, the driver of the SUV died. Some in the crowd blamed the fire and EMS crews and attacked them.

Detroit Fire Department Commissioner Chuck Simms issued a statement calling for residents to “cooperate with our first responders and to not distract them when they are delivering medical care to their fellow citizens.”

Officials said no first responders were hurt during the incident.

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