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Anatomy of fireground decision-making -

Most fireground dangers fall into the category of being expected, or at least known about in advance. When a threat is expected, it can be guarded against to a certain extent; although anticipating ...

Case study: Rescuing a pinned, suspended industrial worker -

By Mike Montgomery

On Sept. 25, 2015 at 7:57 a.m. a 911 call came into Union County, Ohio. The caller reported that "a worker is trapped; we have equipment to get him out but ...

Why striking down the Ill. Public Duty Doctrine is not an attack on fire and EMS -

By David Givot

EMS providers and firefighters across the Land O’ Lincoln are reacting to the Illinois Supreme Court decision that essentially abolishes the so-called "Public ...

7 reasons for annual firefighter physical tests -

I have heard a lot of discussion about annual physical assessment tests — whether they are a good idea, if they are necessary, how relevant they are, how well accepted they are and whether ...

Is Narcan turning firefighters from helpers to haters? -

By Dan Limmer

Few things have caused as much recent conversation in EMS as the use of Narcan. This lifesaving medication is quickly losing its wonder drug status. Many EMS providers ...

4 initial fire attack missteps -

Every department has its own idea of how to best approach the initial fire attack. Call it fast interior or offensive, arrival on scene begins with the implementation of apparatus and crew.

Regardless ...

A fire chief lawyer's take on public duty doctrine -

By Phil Stittleburg

This "public duty" case is interesting. First off, it's important to bear in mind that the ruling does not dispose of the case or say that ...

Firefighter mental health: Stop sucking it up -

There are times when coincidences are just that — unrelated events. Other times they can be more telling of trends.

Let me explain. Just the other day we were putting the final ...

Staring down the firefighter 'c-word' -

I took a strange journey over the past few months. I am sharing this personal debacle in hopes that my story will raise awareness and inspire action.

Last summer during a family ...

How to really address problem firefighters -

Last year I attended a conference workshop on how to manage difficult employees. The workshop was aimed at fire service first line supervisors and above, and was taught by a high-ranking officer ...

Fire Chief Digital: Why firefighters commit suicide, fixing PTSD in the fire service and more -

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly supplement to 

Firefighter PPE standards: Their responsible development -

Many who take an interest in the health and safety standards created by NFPA either genuinely appreciate their existence or at least have strong opinions one way or another.

Some ...

PPE for firefighter psyche -

Fire and EMS personnel — whether it is their career or they volunteer time to the community — are exposed to hazards that affect their physical and mental well-being far beyond ...

5 reasons to fight fire with foam -

When is using foam on fire the right tactic? The short answer is it's never a bad idea to use foam on a fire.

So says Mark Cummins, who invented the Compressed Air Foam System ...

Take the long view on firefighter training -

New police officers in Montgomery, Ala., experience a kind of training not seen in most cities around the country.

The course is titled "Policing in a Historic City: Civil Rights ...

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