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Fire Chief Digital: Future of fire research, pioneers of fire behavior, and more -

Welcome to the third edition of the Fire Chief Digital Edition, a quarterly supplement ...

Fire department policy: Bid disputes -

One of the items that has given some departments difficulty under the new federal procurement policy is the need to have a bid dispute resolution policy.

To put it in laymen's ...

The 3 Rs to keep firefighters safe on roofs -

Many of us watched in horror this past March as Fresno City (Calif.) Fire Capt.

China's hazmat tragedy: A lesson in response -

If you ever find yourself grumbling to about having to memorize the U.N. classes and divisions of hazardous materials, remember the two massive explosions in the port of Tianjin, China, that ...

Why Chinese firefighters died -

In November 2012, my wife and I spent nearly three weeks in Asia. During that time, I met with fire service personnel and learn about the many ways the fire service is structured throughout ...

Should the firefighter drag device remain mandatory? -

The Drag Rescue Device became a mandatory feature of firefighter protective clothing as part of the 2007 edition of

Protecting firefighter eye protection -

Each year more than 700,000 Americans injure their eyes at work according to Prevent Blindness America.

Faceshields, safety glasses and goggles are essential components of a firefighter's ...

5 must-haves for firefighting gear washers -

Firefighters are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term effects — namely cancer — of wearing dirty personal protective clothing that exposes them to both known and unknown ...

Second-life fire trucks: Know the risks -

Many fire departments, large and small, are trying to make the most of their fire apparatus purchasing dollars through the acquisition of surplus vehicles.

Those vehicles can come ...

When is a fire truck not a fire truck? -

We recently received an email at FireRescue1 from a reader who was concerned about his fire department's rehab vehicle not being classified as a fire truck by their state's regulatory ...

Rescue response: How to manage it -

Many years ago I arrived on the scene of a double shooting involving two police officers. The shooter was not secured and people were running in every direction. Fire officers were struggling ...

Fire research shows firefighting paradigm flaws -

A new firefighter's introduction to fire behavior has traditionally been an apprenticeship. The firefighter cadet learns the very basics during a three-hour class in Firefighter I — ...

Firefighter training: Reality vs. perception -

The American fire service, our colonial beginning to the present, has constantly evolved. We don't use hand pumpers, steamers or horses any more, yet each was effective in times past.

Many ...

Are high-performing fire departments perfect? -

By Glenn Gaines

Medic 44 arrives on the scene of an anaphylactic shock patient who was stung several times by hornets. The two medics have discussed what they will do on the way ...

Fire chiefs: How to build regional specialty teams -

The recession may be officially over for the private sector, but as most fire chiefs know further budget cuts are a very real and present threat. This, of course, is at the core of a chief's ...

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Second-life fire trucks: Know the risks
Repurposing rigs for fire-service duty can be a great cost savings, but they require great care to make sure they are safe for firefighting.
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