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Firefighting research looks at overhaul risk -

Several fire departments monitor carbon monoxide after fires to know when it is safe for everyone to remove their SCBAs. Some departments wait until there isn't smoke to sound the all ...

8 years later: Remembering the Charleston 9 -

Eight years ago, nine firefighters lost their lives while battling the Sofa Super Store fire.

And although many years have gone by, our fallen brothers have not been forgotten. 

Here's ...

Why a lazy firefighter may not be lazy -

A fire officer was recently describing to me a member of his crew. "He's terrible to work with," the officer said. "He's the most lazy and incompetent person on the ...

Why fire truck dash cams improve safety -

Mention video recording and fire department in the same sentence and I venture to say that most reactions will be something like, "What happened now?"

The video technology ...

Firefighting gear: Can we measure clean? -

Cancer awareness in the fire service has risen to new levels. The slate of new studies connecting the increased incidence of certain cancers among firefighters, particularly at younger ages, ...

Why fire departments are skipping grants -

Once again this year the number of applications FEMA received for the AFG program has decreased. This is the fourth year in a row that this has occurred.

Ask fire and EMS agencies ...

A case for firefighting motorcycles -

Four-wheel-drive pickup trucks and SUVs are a staple in fire department fleets across the United States for a variety of uses such as wildland firefighting and rescue and EMS responses. Medic ...

What's the best or worst thing you've seen in a fireground rehab section? -

At a fire scene, it's important to have a place for firefighters to cool off, lower their blood pressure, hydrate, rest and eat. And it's a place to get treated for injuries.

And ...

What every fire chief should remember -

By Glenn Gaines

When we took the oath to become firefighters we knew what we were getting into. Or did we?

Were we prepared for the horror, trauma, carnage, sadness and ...

How the great fires changed the fire service -

Benjamin Franklin founded America's volunteer fire service, but he was also a philosopher who influenced and shaped our country's moral character.

Franklin, the founders ...

Fire chief spending reveals dept. priorities -

A number of years ago I attended a seminar on leadership and goal setting. At one point the presenter had us open our checkbooks and make a list of everything we had spent money on in the ...

8 traits every great fire chief has -

Name a fire chief living or dead who had an impact on you. What made that fire chief an influencer? What character traits, personality qualities did they possess?

Many great leaders ...

2 ways fire chiefs are incompetent -

All of 13 the career crushers are just about equally important; any one of them can bring much trouble and woe. However, there are a few that stand out. If fallen into, these deep leadership ...

Firefighter cancer: An inconvenient truth -

How often has someone said I will do anything not to get cancer? Or, you can put anything in place of "cancer."

Regardless, these are easy words to say but difficult actions ...

What a fire chief and his sex-offender son must do next -

A disturbing story surfaced this week out of Lincoln County, Miss. involving a convicted sex offender who was allowed to rejoin the volunteer fire department where his father is fire chief.

In ...

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