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Well-firefighters can free trapped victims faster with synchronized cuts and spreads; here's one six-step example. Full Story

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AMK-24 Spreader

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The extrication topic has the latest news and tips on extrication after motor vehicle accidents. Firefighters can use this page to learn about maintaining extrication equipment or working at the scene of an MVA. The extrication topic also features the latest heavy rescue tools, rescue systems, saws, spreaders, and tools designed to cut through new automotive materials.

Featured Extrication Column

Dalan Zartman

Heavy Rescue

Rescue lesson: How to 'read' vehicles before cutting

Firefighters must approach vehicles like an opponent; understand where its weaknesses lie and use that to gain an advantage. Full Story

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UsedRescueTools.com Hurst HT-16Osp Set
FIREGROUND Flash Tip: Hydraulic rescue tools

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