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To help manage high call volumes, AMR will operate a two-tiered system in Spokane to reserve paramedics for ALS calls
Newark’s fire and police unions raised concerns about training, equipment and compensation related to the new response plan
Shelly LeGere is currently campaigning to have ALS fire apparatus respond to medical calls
A paper published in the Journal of Rural Health calls for changes to paramedic scopes of practice for airway and ventilator management in response to COVID-19
Fire agencies in Lancaster and Bolton will collaborate to provide advanced life support services after their previous ALS provider abruptly pulled out
The department plans to provide nontransport advanced life support in anticipation that their county’s ambulances will be taxed responding to the next county over
Firefighter Eric Stevens and his wife, Amanda, appeared on the comedian’s show where they were presented with the donation to their #AxeALS fundraiser
Eric Stevens, who played for the St. Louis Rams, was diagnosed with ALS one month after his wedding
First responders are calling the new proposed ALS policy “an attack on the fire agencies’ ability to deliver EMS to the citizens we serve”
Fredericksburg’s City Council set a priority in 2014 to establish around-the-clock advanced medical service to address the burden of increased medical calls
The Topeka Fire Department plans to transition from providing basic life support to providing advanced life support as firefighters respond to emergency medical calls
Know when to stop, how much assistance to provide and how to hand off patient care to responding authorities
Firefighters and researchers examine a probable risk factor, like toxin exposure, and its relationship to cancer, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses
Tracy Beard acted as a mentor for many colleagues and was a fatherly figure to his softball team
Under the agreement, the department would place one paramedic on every fire engine in order to provide ALS
Amanda Bernier was diagnosed with ALS two and half years ago
Robert Kiely took on the position for only a dollar a year in 1982 and wrote a 360-page protocol handbook for the department
Brian Sanford was a firefighter for 32 years and chief for six years; he leaves behind his wife, three sons and eight grandchildren
The department became licensed as an ALS-level service in 2014; they have three years to meet the requirements or will lose their license
The additions will increase the department’s ability to provide advanced life support rather than just basic services
Paramedics say the plan will dilute the care they provide and prevent promotions for those who don’t cross train
Amanda Bernier was diagnosed with ALS last year, just two weeks after she found out she was pregnant; she’s hoping Jimmy Fallon can help find a cure
The grand prize was a refurbished bright blue 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass; the committee bought it for about $15,000 and hoped to sell 600 tickets
Firefighter David Kaszar is hoping to raise $20,000 for his dad that was diagnosed with ALS two years ago
Derek Hogg is a few months shy of being able to qualify for a disability pension that would help his wife and two young children
There is an ongoing investigation of the fire department by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The emotional segment looked the lengths his firefighter brothers and sisters went to to help his family
Amanda, 30, has the most aggressive form of ALS and is due to deliver a daughter in early November