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In Public Safety (AMU)

In Public Safety features analysis and commentary on issues relating to emergency management and fire services. Articles are authored by leading experts with decades of experience.

Self-care, leaning on fellow firefighters and professional therapy help firefighters cope with the aftermath of wildfires, firefighter stress
EMS organizations can benefit from adopting the fire service model of a command structure as part of their response strategy
A firefighter relates her experiences responding to Hurricane Michael in southwest Georgia
Exploring emergency management solutions to the continual upward trend in government response and recovery spending
Counseling provides a welcoming space for children to discuss worries and share experiences unique to being in a first responder family
Medication can be extremely effective in helping first responders recover and regain a healthy balance
First responder families face unique stressors, which can be overcome with the help of a professional family counselor
Situational awareness data is key to fighting wildfires like the Camp and Woolsey fires
Ask your counselor these questions to understand confidentiality and their understanding of first responder culture
Firefighters, paramedics and EMTs, though accustomed to death, need to process grief when losing someone close to them
Identify potential targets in your response area while collaborating with local agencies on MCI response planning
Legislation recognizes and remembers first responder line of duty deaths
First responders often feel underappreciated in the public sector
Educating friends about firefighter PTSD can prevent innocent questions that can undo years of mental health work and progress
Sometimes community education isn’t enough to prevent disasters