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Watch: N.J. firefighters use plasma cutters to free dog stuck in spare tire

A Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company lieutenant whipped out his personal plasma cutter and cut the rim from around the dog’s neck

Dog Stuck in Tire

In this photo provided by the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company, firefighters attempt to get Daisy the dog unstuck from a tire, in Franklinville, N.J., March 21, 2024. (Courtesy of Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company via AP)


By Brooke Baitinger
The Charlotte Observer

FRANKLINVILLE, N.J. — A dog became trapped in the rim of a large tire at its home in New Jersey , dramatic photos and video show.

Daisy the yellow lab’s head is seen sticking through the center of the truck tire, CBS News reported.

Rescuers with a volunteer fire department and local police first tried to wriggle Daisy free with soap and water, the Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company said on Facebook Thursday, March 21.

When that didn’t work, a lieutenant whipped out his personal plasma cutter and sliced the rim from around her neck, officials said.

Footage shared by the Franklin Township Police Department shows rescuers affixing protective material to Daisy’s head so she wouldn’t get burned or otherwise hurt as they cut the rim free. She was not injured in the process, officials said.

Still, it was a tense rescue, CBS News reported.

“It was a race against time,” Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company Assistant Chief Joe Szwed told CBS News. “Her eyes were turning red. She was gasping for air a little bit.”

Some commenters praised Daisy’s calm demeanor as the rescuers worked to save her.

“She was such a good girl while all those people were there!” one person said.

Franklinville Township is about a 60-mile drive south from Trenton.

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