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Corley Moore: ‘I understand how insidious and seductive complacency is’

The battalion chief explains his empathy for firefighters who are burned out or not feeling passion for the job – because he’s been there

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The Better Every Shift team is at FDIC this week, so we’re reaching into the vault to re-release one of our favorite episodes. Battalion Chief Corley Moore talks all things fire service culture, toxic leadership and how to fight your way back from complacency. Chief Moore – founder of Firehouse Vigilance and host of the Weekly Scrap podcast – details his own evolution from struggling with complacency to now serving as a motivational speaker and instructor.

We dig into all of this:

  • Moore’s empathy for burned out, complacent members
  • The origins of the “The 9L’s: Keys to High Performance Culture,” plus Moore’s favorite “L”
  • The scene in the movie “The Break-Up” that exemplifies intrinsic motivation
  • Finding balance between being right and being effective
  • The power of having a plan because “luck and hope are not strategies”

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