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With program “sunset” on the horizon, National Advisory Council members converge to call on Congress to take action for America’s fire service
AFG and SAFER programs are scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, 2024
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Remembering Dr. Anne W. Phillips, author of the Minority Report published in conjunction with “America Burning”
The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is a nonprofit designed to respond to unmet needs of the firefighter community by facilitating access to wellness resources
The funds could go toward building or renovating stations, adding emission control systems, installing backup power systems and building personnel quarters
Other departments have show an interest in the Colorado Springs Fire Department’s multi-tiered response program
“Peg Paul has made significant contributions at the national level to fire prevention and life safety initiatives,” the Congressional Fire Services Institute said
Recent actions (and cautious optimism) suggest a finely tuned performance ahead from our fire service organizations
Chief Jim Estepp was elected to serve as president, with Peggy Echols elected vice president and Chris Neal re-elected secretary/treasurer
We asked current fire service leaders to spotlight the best of the best – those leaders, living or departed, whose influence is felt far and wide