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Dive Team

Baltimore firefighters kept fire from two burning boats from extending throughout the Anchorage Marina
Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit recently completed search and rescue training with two new drones
Wichita FD divers were able to extricate the man, who was submerged for over an hour, but resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful
Divers performed a grid search to locate the man on the floor of the bay
Officials said the drone is safer, quicker and cheaper; Hall County still has a dive team within the sheriff’s office
Hall County Fire Rescue says its divers will operate a drone that can reach depths of up to 305 meters and has a camera, a sonar system and a robotic arm
The owners of Jahnke’s Piggly Wiggly of Juneau held a month-long fundraiser to accumulate the funds for the department
NYPD and FDNY divers pulled a boy and woman from the murky water and medics rendered aid, but the two patients died
Against all odds, divers with the Cambridge Fire Department managed to fish a woman’s diamond ring from the Charles River
Stamford firefighters raced to lift a man and woman from the truck, which was submerged 40 feet off shore and surrounded by broken ice
South Holland Firefighter-Paramedic Dylan Cunningham, 29, who served with the department for nine years, died Wednesday after an exercise at Haigh Quarry Lake
Greenville Firefighter Gary Cox Jr., 24, drowned while on a boating trip with other off-duty firefighters Sunday
A search for remains was ongoing as of Monday morning; the firefighter is assumed to have drowned after going under the water and not resurfacing
Peter Phan, 34, fell off his paddle board at Cle Elum Lake while off-duty
A Scuba Dog was dedicated in honor and to the service of Firefighter Diver Juan Bucio
Officials said a firefighter became stuck after diving into freezing water to reach a submerged vehicle that had been the center of a police chase
Corinth Fire Department firefighters reunited an amputee with his prosthetic leg after it fell off the back of his jet ski
Juan Bucio was remembered as a man of few words who preferred to let his heroic work do the talking
Though funding for the dive team is still intact in the latest fire department budget proposal, the dive team could be on the chopping block
The unidentified woman drove over a spillway through high water and was trapped inside
The autopsy reported Bradley Long ascended from the dive without making required safety stops