Firefighter suspended after crashing truck into child’s bedroom

Blake Stevens told police that he was on his way to a call; he admitted to consuming alcohol before the crash

By FireRescue1 Staff

LA PORTE, Texas — A volunteer firefighter has been suspended and accused of drunk driving after his truck slammed into a child’s bedroom.

ABC 13 reported that Blake Stevens was driving at a high speed when he jumped a ditch and crashed into the home, according to witnesses.

Witnesses said Stevens told responders he was on his way to a call. One resident said Stevens has almost hit multiple children by speeding through the neighborhood in the past few years. The resident also said that Stevens repeatedly uses fire calls as his excuse.

Police detected a strong odor of alcohol at the scene, and said Stevens admitted to consuming alcohol before the crash.

The child was not in the room at the time, because he spent the night in his sibling’s bedroom.

Stevens was arrested and charged with DWI and unlawful carrying of a firearm by a licensed holder.

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