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Emergency Lighting

Departments discover brighter isn’t always better as basic lighting principles become the priority again
Recharge your batteries on the go with continuous onboard AC power from this charging hub
With long-life lithium batteries, the Red Vantage II helmet-mounted flashlight can keep going as long as you do ─ while supporting a good cause
Small tools can get lost in the fast-paced environment of fire rescue – engraving them can help ensure they find their way home
The businesses that equip and serve first responders are supporting the national emergency response with new products, free services and donations
Compact, luminous and long-lasting, the Pelican 9490 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) is portable and powerful enough for practically any scenario
A business donated the portable street light to help illuminate emergency scenes, making first responders more visible to motorists
The FAA-sanctioned industrial grade drone is designed for use specifically in public safety operations
FireRescue1 Executive Editor Chief Marc Bashoor speaks with Eric Buzard, fire service marketing manager for MSA, about the features in the new MSA Cairns XF1 helmet
Working a complex MVC scene is difficult enough without fighting the dark to see victims, equipment and debris
Once installed, an internal gyroscope detects ladder angle to turn lights on and off automatically
Emergency scene lighting is undergoing a rapid transition from halogen to LED lighting solutions
The light comes with a 30-inch extension pole and can run off rechargeable batteries or DC power
The Revel Scout Scene Light simplifies fire scene lighting operations
Weighing less than 20 pounds, the unit can work in remote areas for 4 hours on battery power
The Caselight CL10K provides 10,000 lumens of portable light that sets up in less than 20 seconds