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What are some slang words that only a firefighter would know?

We’ve all experienced the blank faces when our firefighting vocabulary slips out in everyday conversation

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Do you slip into firefighter slang, lingo or jargon when you are away from the station?

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Do you ever find yourself speaking firefighter lingo when you’re at home with your family or hanging out with your non-firefighting friends?

We’ve all seen the blank faces and strange glares when our firefighting slang words slip out in everyday conversation.

Firefighter sayings and phrases aren’t fancy, but if you’re not a firefighter it could get confusing. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us some slang words that only a firefighter would know. Here are our favorite responses.

Don’t see one you know? Send a message to editor@firerescue1.

  1. “A, B, C and D. What side was it again?” — J Zack Spillers
  2. “CHAOS (Chief Has Arrived on Scene).” — Kitty Mae Wilson
  3. “Humping hose.” — Zac Thuney
  4. “Get the TIC.” — Erik John-Ray Krantz
  5. “Catch the plug and lay a line.” — Shawn Dunlap
  6. “Making a hit or dropping at the hydrant.” — Leonardo Bilello
  7. “Brain bucket and lid.” — Ken Janis
  8. “Truckies and Steppies.” — Wayne Fariss
  9. “Jakes.” — Susanne Peters
  10. “Installed a skylight.” — Cameron Greer

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