Canada's female firefighters sexually harassed, bullied

Only about 3 percent, or 600, of Canada's 22,000 firefighters are female

By Lisa Mayor
CBC News

Theirs is a reputation that is, quite literally, forged in fire, built on bravery, dedication and danger. But, for many of Canada's female firefighters, there can be a dark side: bullying, harassment and sexual assaults, a fifth estate investigation has found.

Kirstin Rudolph is a former volunteer firefighter from Fort. St. James, B.C., who says her chief sexually assaulted her and two other women she worked with for six years.

"He would ask me to have sex with him in his office," Rudolph says. "He would say if I want a promotion why don't I put on my knee pads and blow him under his desk."

Full story: Female firefightes face bullying, sexual harassment, fifth estate finds

The full documentary can be seen here.

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