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Mexico’s New Tulum International Airport takes delivery of three Striker ARFF vehicles

The newly opened Tulum International Airport in Mexico has acquired an advanced fleet of Striker ARFF vehicles to support emergency operations


Each Striker ARFF is equipped with a 50' Snozzle® and is able to handle the unique environmental challenges of the region.

Oshkosh Airport Products


APPLETON, WIS. — Oshkosh Airport Products, a division of Pierce Manufacturing Inc., a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK), announces the delivery of two state-of-the-art Oshkosh Striker® 4x4 and one Striker 6x6 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles to Tulum International Airport in Quintana Roo, Mexico. This delivery marks a significant step in enhancing the airport’s emergency response capabilities following its opening in December 2023.

The new Tulum International Airport, officially named Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Carrillo Puerto, is situated approximately 20 kilometers southwest of the Tulum urban area. It is a testament to the Mexican government’s commitment to modernizing and expanding its aviation infrastructure. Oshkosh Airport Products has been a consistent partner in this endeavor, previously supplying five Striker 6x6 trucks with Snozzle® high-reach extendable turrets (HRETs) to Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), which opened in March 2022. Both AIFA and Tulum International Airport exclusively operate Oshkosh Striker fleets, underscoring the trust and reliability of Oshkosh products in critical aviation operations.

“After a comprehensive evaluation of all products available in the market, airport leaders recognized the Oshkosh Striker ARFF as the superior choice for performance and support, especially given the demanding environmental conditions of Southeast Mexico,” said Robert Colon, Associate Manager of International Sales – Latin America, Oshkosh Airport Products. “Our unique ability to incorporate an HRET on a Striker 4x4 ARFF vehicle was a key factor in being awarded this contract. Additionally, our local dealer, Autobuses Especializados SA de CV, remains committed to supporting the ARFF crews’ training and service needs throughout the lifespan of these vehicles.”

The new ARFF vehicles delivered to Tulum International Airport include two Striker 4x4 vehicles and one Striker 6x6 vehicle. Each Striker ARFF is equipped with a 50' Snozzle® and is able to handle the unique environmental challenges of the region. Features such as the Oshkosh TAK-4® Independent Suspension system and an advanced cooling system ensure durability, performance, and comfort for the crew under various conditions ranging from dust particles and salt fog to high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Other features of the Striker ARFF vehicles include a Scania DC16 V8 670 hp Tier 4F engine, an ergonomically designed cab for enhanced comfort with operator-friendly color coordinated buttons and switches, Command Zone™ advanced electronics system, and a low-attack bumper turret.

Colon added, “Ensuring the safety and efficiency of airport operations is our paramount concern, and we are honored to support Tulum International Airport’s mission with our advanced Striker vehicles. We look forward to continuing to support the Mexican market and local agencies.”

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