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How to buy fire prevention products (eBook)

Download this FireRescue1 fire prevention products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation

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Fire prevention products are essential to the life safety of our communities. Too often, individuals believe fire won’t happen to them; it always happens to someone else. But a fire can strike any home at any time. The key is building safeguards to prevent such occurrences – and this is where fire prevention products are key.

This How-to-Buy Guide examines a variety of fire protection products, from smoke alarms and fire sprinklers to surge protectors and sealants, with the ultimate goal of helping you make an informed decision when selecting the products and systems, even construction changes, that will best serve your needs. By incorporating these components, you enhance the safety of your residence while creating a more secure living environment for you and your loved ones.

While this guide is geared toward consumers looking to fortify their homes from fire, it is also designed to educate fire service professionals about the fire protection products available for the residents of your community. Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Company Directory

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