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FDNY Chief Frank Leeb talks training at ‘The Rock’ and how to market safety messages

Leeb serves as chief of the Fire Academy and chair of the department’s Contamination Reduction Workgroup


On this episode of the Side Alpha Podcast, Fire Chief Marc Bashoor speaks with Frank Leeb, a deputy assistant chief with the FDNY, currently serving as chief of the Fire Academy and chair of the department’s Contamination Reduction Workgroup.

The chiefs discuss Leeb’s recent FireRescue1 article “Marketing the message: How FDNY spreads the word about firefighter health and safety,” which details simple steps fire departments can employ to best connect with members about important health issues.

Leeb also shares what it’s like to run training at the FDNY Fire Academy, aka “The Rock.”

Bonus resource: Captain John Haseney’s master’s thesis identifies seven barriers that are preventing fire departments from implementing occupational cancer-focused best practices: fire department culture, firefighters’ ignorance of the disease and prevention methods, complacency caused by cancer’s long latency periods, funding, pathways to compliance with national and departmental policies, groupthink, and motivation. Haseney’s thesis examines the health and safety efforts that two departments have taken and reviews literature from other fire departments, national fire service organizations, subject-matter experts, researchers, and academic studies.

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