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Ghost Ship Fire

Preplanning is critical to identifying the unsafe living conditions in your area
The audit found that more than half of the buildings the department is required to inspect each year have gone uninspected for three straight years
The settlement will go to the families of 32 of the 36 who died in the 2016 blaze as well as one severely injured survivor
Chief Darin White took the helm at the Oakland department during the turbulent aftermath of the warehouse blaze that killed 36
From dangerous structure fires to active shooter events, firefighters faced many significant incidents in the 2010s
The families of most of the 36 killed in the 2016 blaze will continue to seek compensation after a proposed settlement was rejected last week
The building’s acting manager was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter, but jury deadlocks on same charge against artists’ commune leader
The reclusive owners of the Ghost Ship warehouse, where 36 people died in a fire, claim the electrician lied about being a licensed contractor
The plea agreement was a package deal, meaning both defendants had to accept the offer or neither would get it
Derek Almena and Max Harris would not have to serve their full terms because they would each get credit for the year they have spent in jail
Oakland Fire Chief Darin White announced that he is searching for a new leader to the Fire Prevention Bureau after Miguel Trujillo resigned
Derick Almena and Max Harris pleaded not guilty to the 36 felony counts; the jury trial is set for July 16
“One spark ... one spark and (it would be) real bad,” Officer Moises Polanco said to Officer Jonathan Low, who questioned whether the structure was stable
“I find there is sufficient cause to believe both defendants are legally responsible for what happened on that terrible, terrible night,” the judge said
Some officials have a more mixed assessment of the city’s efforts, criticizing them as slow and incomplete
The order means Oakland can be held liable for its actions and inaction leading up to the fire that killed 36 people
Derick Almena and Max Harris entered pleas Wednesday to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter each
The video shows Officer Hector Chavez responding to a “rave” at the building and telling organizers he intended to alert city officials
Firefighters referred 879 properties for fire code issues, but 696 of the flagged properties were never inspected
The report is the first official account of what witnesses told investigators, how fire crews fought the inferno and where the bodies were located
While the large societal problems are daunting, company officers can play a role in preventing and mitigating disaster at unauthorized-use sites
Derick Almena was charged with involuntary manslaughter after authorities said he illegally converted a warehouse into housing and an entertainment venue
Derick Almena was arrested and charged with creating a deadly firetrap at the warehouse he rented and converted into a party space
Even after the wake of the Ghost Ship fire, officials said the city is not doing its best to control its own properties
The suit claims the company should’ve known the warehouse’s electrical hookups were hazardous and illegally installed
The firefighters who allegedly attended the 2014 party did not report any concerns about the building
The city refuses to budge until a final report on the fire is completed