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Probationary Firefighter

The probationary firefighter topic brings you the news and resources relevant to new graduates and recruits getting started in their fire service career. Read a message to graduates about what it means to serve your community, learn what to expect on Day 1 as a new firefighter and understand how you will continue to learn and grow throughout your career.

It’s time to start a shopping list
Take a look at how some departments are acknowledging their probationary firefighters’ graduations
Probies should be able to demonstrate proficiency with stretching a hoseline, VEIS, masking up, and key policies and procedures
“Starting over again gives you the opportunity to see things in a new light”
Yes, there are many and they offer varying degrees of quality or realism, but fire service TV shows can help new members – or at least entertain them
Louis Brown allegedly entered a Subway shop wearing a Gary Fire Department shirt, had a verbal altercation and displayed a firearm
Hours earlier, a probationary D.C. Fire and EMS firefighter rescued a woman from an apartment fire
The city medical examiner found that Vincent Malveaux, 31, died of illness tied to exertion
After months of self-reflection, Sacramento Firefighter Desmond Lewis has been working with department personnel to regain his position
Humans are hard-wired to share stories; we must harness this instinct and use it to better the fire service
Chief Billy Goldfeder helps a new member deal with a lack of guidance and training from more veteran firefighters
Turning a blind eye to hazing and harassment inhibits the growth of new members
Unaware, unwilling or unable? First, identify the problem
Putting new members on a course that fits their skills and goals helps recruitment and retention efforts
Royce Engeldrum, the son of Firefighter Christian Engeldrum, will soon be assigned to a fire station in one of the five boroughs
A pandemic makes you first witnesses to history, but are you prepared to face this test – and the many others ahead?
A random encounter with a Latvian prompted my commitment to learn something new every day
One firefighter resigned after a total of six firefighters from two municipalities were accused of cheating
Curt Varone outlines conditions that prevent fire departments from firing at-will or probationary firefighters without cause
Four tips for making it through the early transition into your probationary period as a firefighter
Robert Pattison was fired after bringing watermelon to his new, predominantly black fire station
Officials said Robert Pattison brought the watermelon topped with a bow when he came to introduce himself to his new colleagues
Amy Dimmery, 34, was driving home from responding to a call when she and her husband were involved in car crash
Cody L. Weidner opted to plead guilty to three counts of arson and one county of reckless endangerment
The firefighter was terminated under the terms of his probationary employment