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Sofa Super Store Fire

The Charleston, S.C., chief reflects on his journey from the trauma of the Sofa Super Store fire tragedy to finding – and living – his growth-focused mission
15 years after the Sofa Super Store fire, it’s critical to stay vigilant, remembering the firefighters’ sacrifice and the lessons learned from tragedy
58 members remain from June 18, 2007, ready to guide the newest 311 members
Eman Mubarak Brown, 32, faces charges related to malicious injury to real property and attempts to burn
Eman Mubarak Brown, 32, was identified using private surveillance video from a business near the memorial site
Authorities say memorial crosses were broken, flags were scattered and a jug that smelled like gasoline was found nearby
The Charleston Fire Department will hold a commemoration ceremony to honor the nine firefighters who died while battling a blaze at the Sofa Super Store in 2007
Ten years ago, nine firefighters died while battling the Sofa Super Store fire
Chief Karen Brack helped modernize the department and develop mutual aid agreements
Last week, the memorial was damaged when a drunk driver crashed into the site
The department began a 24-hour watch at the memorial site and held a moment of silence to commemorate those killed
Here’s a roundup of past and present news coverage paying tribute to the firefighters who lost their lives
He turned to comedy for a much-needed distraction after suffering from PTSD, depression and survivor’s guilt
The fire department will ring a bell and call out the names of the nine firefighters who died battling the Sofa Super Store fire
A new book by firefighter Dr. David Griffin reveals how lessons learned from the deadly 2007 Sofa Super Store Fire led to changes among emergency services that other departments can benefit from
Fire Capt. Chris Villarreal: ‘We never thought we would lose anyone, let alone 9 people’
The fallen nine and other firefighters attended many West Ashley football games
The fire was the nation’s deadliest firefighting tragedy since Sept. 11, 2001
Major factors contributing to the rapid spread of the fire at the Sofa Super Store were large open spaces with furniture providing high-fuel loads, the inward rush of air following the breaking of windows, and a lack of sprinklers