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Officials credited the commitment of firefighters, EMS providers, 911 specialists and fire instructors for the lowest number of fire deaths in the city’s more than 200-year history
EMS providers will be required to comply with the binding order, as hospital and ambulance resources are overstretched due to COVID-19
Here are some ways you can give back to first responders who are responding to the wildfires, often as they lose their own homes
The 58-year-old hiker spent three days with no food or water, and his condition had deteriorated to the point that he was unable to move
Cardiac events are the leading killer of firefighters; knowing how to spot the warning signs could a crew member’s life — or your own
Wildland firefighting expert Bill Gabbert turns an eye to the tragedy in Arizona to make some sense out of what’s already known
The city honored three firefighters injured at a structure fire, while officials said it could have been worse had staffing been cut
There is a growing body of evidence showing that contaminated air after the fire poses a serious health risk
It is critical that we train and know our limitations, but it is also important to have our affairs in order in the event that that worst-case scenario comes to pass
One of the firefighters was seriously burned, another broke his vertebra, the third suffered minor burns
The man died Monday after crews arrived to find the home fully engulfed and partially collapsed
Be sure to completely remove air conditioners, bars and gates, and glass and sashes to ensure fast egress from windows
120 firefighters battled the fire, encountered explosion
From low-air alarms to facepiece integrity, the newest NFPA standard makes some significant changes to SCBA
Ensure your community takes ownership for their own rescue in a fire
The volunteer firefighter was able to pass the toddler out the window before dying
After testing two DeKalb County, Ga., facepieces and regulators, NIOSH found no manufacturer defects, but some maintenance issues
Blames commissioner, top two deputies for a lack of leadership and tactical errors
Draeger maintains that their equipment is fine; issues range from loss of clean air to disintegrating mouthpieces
Violence against emergency responders is an old and ugly problem, but preparation and awareness can keep you safe
Firefighters and medics need to know how to identify potentially violent scenes and how to react to attack from an assailant
Technora rope, included in the kit, is usable at 390°F for long periods of time and maintains half of its strength at 482°F
Fire chief says packs have been failing at least once a month
Arlington firefighters in survival suits waded into pond with rescue sled to reach victims, while police stayed on shore with buoys
The 41-year-old firefighter has a fractured pelvis and some broken ribs, and was still heavily sedated Tuesday
I expect this past year won’t be the last time we see these five themes expressed on FireRescue1