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Vehicle Extrication

Is it time for a tool technology upgrade?
A Spokane Valley fire truck had been stopped at an MVA when it was struck by a vehicle
Paramedics faced a complex rescue on a popular trail near Cajon Pass
Matthew Reum was pinned in the wreckage, underneath the I-94 bridge, since Dec. 20
Baylee Amos needed a blood transfusion before she was extricated from her truck
Two cars ended up overturned inside a Boston Market in Saugus
Smoke from wetland fires mixed with fog to create a “super fog,” causing several crashes on I-55 near New Orleans
Emporia firefighters will begin training on new extrication tools and additional forcible entry props thanks to capital improvement funding
San Diego and Chula Vista FFs worked to extricate the driver after his truck went off a freeway ramp and overturned
Portland firefighters faced a car pinned partially underneath a semi in a jack-knife collision
South Charleston firefighters were injured when their fire engine was involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle
The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
Four people, including two paramedics, were injured when a pickup truck collided with an ambulance
Charlotte firefighters had to use struts to stabilize the vehicle before removing three people inside
Fire and EMS crews in Havertown faced a stabilization and extrication challenge