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Firefighter battling cancer 'blown away' by birthday surprise -

LANGLEY CITY, British Columbia — Marilyn Piticco wanted to do something special for her husband on his 61st birthday.

Randy Piticco, a retired Surrey firefighter ...

Fire dept. gets donation to replace gear destroyed by tornado -

Argus Leader

DELMONT, S.D. — The Delmont Volunteer Fire Department has cobbled together the equipment needed to keep its community safe since a Mother's Day tornado ...

Town paints curbs purple to support firefighters, police -

Longview News-Journal

HALLSVILLE, Texas — Hallsville Police Chief Paul Montoya and Hallsville ESD Volunteer Fire Department Chief Craig Barton agree: When it comes to ...

Firefighters assemble exercise bike for woman -

Firefighters assemble exercise bike for woman -


HOUSTON — Toni Schneider wants to stay fit, but the one thing standing in between her and her health was the exercise bike she bought online.

"When ...

Firehouse in apartment building plan sparks debate -

The Washington Post

BETHESDA, Md. — Zoning battles aren't unusual when developers propose high-rise buildings amid single-family homes, but some Montgomery County residents ...

False fire alarm fees angers fire chief's widow -

By Bob Dohr
Lake County Now

PEWAUKEE, Wis. — If you're responsible for calling in a false fire alarm here, the first one won't cost you a thing. But then ...

Some claim no wildfire notification -

By Janie Har 
The Associated Press

MIDDLETOWN, Calif. — High school math teacher Bill Davis watched from his home as smoke mounted from one of the most destructive ...

Fire chief jujitsu for media management -

In the most recent Fire Chief newsletter, Linda Willing wrote ...

What's the most ridiculous complaint you've heard? -

Complaints are a part of any job.

And while firefighters don't hear half as many complaints as a telemarketer would, they still have plenty of head scratching moments.

We ...

Fire back: When to address or ignore attacks -

Someone makes an angry comment at a city council meeting about a fire response. A blogger creates a cartoon that makes the fire department look incompetent after a recent event. An anonymous ...

Q&A: IAFC's Chief Kerr on zero fire deaths, culture changes -

Despite knowing for some time that she'd be the first woman to preside over the International Association of Fire Chiefs, there was no wiping the smile off her face after U.S. Fire Administrator ...

9/11 firefighter talks to junior high students -

By Clifford Davis
The Florida Times-Union

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — New York City Fire Department Lt. Joe Torrillo looked up from his car and saw Islamic extremists fly American ...

Flamethrowers take stupid to a new level -

"Hey man, hold my beer and watch this" just got a lot scarier thanks to firms selling flamethrowers to the general public. The founder of one firm racks off a few "practical ...

Boy, 6, donates savings to support fallen firefighters -

PORTLAND, Or. — A Portland boy, 6, is doing his part to support firefighters and their families after hearing about the three brave men killed in a wildfire up ...

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