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Firefighter cadet loses home, dogs to fire -

By Suzanne Russell

LINDEN, N.J. — A Linden firefighter recruit and his family lost their two dogs in a fire Saturday that destroyed their Hayes ...

FDNY recruit fails test, earns $81K desk job -

NEW YORK — An FDNY recruit is getting a third chance to pass the training academy after collecting over $81,000 for a year in desk jobs.

FDNY 'unhappy' after racist son of former commish gets rehired -

NEW YORK — The son of former Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano is getting a second chance to revive his career — 16 months after resigning over anti-Semitic tweets.

Probie firefighter delivers baby first day on the job -

New Haven Register

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — First day on the job, 10 minutes into the shift, Jack Erickson delivered big.

The 28-year-old probationary firefighter, who ...

Ky. firefighter on vacation saves drowning girl -

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW, Ky. — When David Burnett, a Glasgow Fire Department firefighter, was preparing to grill out June 3 in Panama City Beach, Fla., after his friend’s ...

Through smoke and fire -

By Casey Pease

"It's hot — God, it's hot," I thought as the sweat from my brow dripped down my face, leaving clean streaks from my soot-covered forehead down ...

What was the most valuable thing you learned in the fire academy? -

In most states, if you want to become a firefighter, you must train and graduate from a fire academy.

While every fire academy teaches similar mechanics and technical aspects of ...

4 reasons you shouldn't become a firefighter -

Several times a week, I get an email or a phone call from someone who wants to become a firefighter. Working in the fire service is a noble calling, and something that many still seek out.

However, ...

Fate of fire dept. uncertain after sexual assault arrests -

Fate of fire dept. uncertain after sexual assault arrests -

The Dallas Morning News

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas — An interim fire chief has been appointed for an Ellis County volunteer department after two top officials were suspended ...

Fire chiefs arrested, accused of sex assault cover-up -

The Dallas Morning News

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas — Top brass at the volunteer firehouse in Ellis County tried to cover up the sexual assault of a male firefighter by instructing ...

Firefighter: Firehouse in hazing incident has 'party atmosphere' -

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas — A day after five volunteer firefighters were arrested for sexually assaulting a rookie, people with ties to the district spoke out in disbelief.

5 firefighters arrested in sexual assault of rookie -

5 firefighters arrested in sexual assault of rookie -

The Dallas Morning News

ELLIS COUNTY, Texas — Five volunteer firefighters in Ellis County are accused of using a sausage to sexually assault a man at a fire station in January.

The ...

Blaze that killed firefighter in porch collapse ruled accidental -

The Associated Press

CLEARFIELD, Pa. — A Pennsylvania house fire that caused a porch to collapse, killing a volunteer firefighter, has been ruled an accident.

A ...

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