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With black, turbulent smoke chugging around them, crews assist a firefighter going head first out a broken window
Nearly 20 years after the original became a classic, the sequel to Backdraft is finally happening
Raw footage captures a massive backdraft firefighters experienced while putting out a blaze that injured seven firefighters
The firefighters were putting out a blaze when they were knocked down the stairs by a flashover explosion
Take care when implementing positive-pressure ventilation when firefighters are inside a structure fire to prevent a flashover
Chief Benny Colbaugh had discovered the burned body of a deceased man before the backdraft occurred
Surveillance footage captured the moment where firefighters were knocked back as they prepared to enter the home
A former fire lieutenant and 23-year veteran shares his thoughts on how to avoid this dangerous situation
The firefighters suffered first- and second-degree burns after the flames suddenly intensified, forcing some firefighters to jump from a second-story window
No firefighters were hurt; a mother and her child escaped the home before crews arrived