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Company Officer Development

The company officer development topic covers all aspects of the fire officer’s job, with a range of resources to assist in leadership development, decision-making and resolving crew conflict. Articles tackle radio skills, the importance of coaching, tips for new officers and more. Share these articles with aspiring or new company officers to help maximize their skills and abilities.

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Learn the five ways imposter syndrome shows up in first responders and how you can combat the feelings
Everyone must be comfortable speaking up, no matter their rank or years on the job
We want firefighters who are willing to take risks, even if that means the occasional fail
Firefighters feel generally positive about the job, but they report high stress, and many have considered leaving their organization
How officers mitigate these stressors for the benefit of themselves, their crew and the department as a whole
The uncertainty of complex problems requires flexibility when crafting responses
We must slow down during the transition from ‘automatic’ to ‘effortful’ in our responses
Lt. Col. Harold Moore showed us how we can demonstrate true leadership to our crewmembers and our community
Transparent communication between city managers and fire chiefs is essential for building a strong partnership and ensuring the city’s overall wellbeing
There will be people who will work against you, but it’s critical to stay confident in who you are and remain positive
While the fire service has made huge strides in recognizing the importance of member wellness, every fire department across the country has room to improve
Go talk to your people and establish your expectations early
Developing systems and processes that support excellence ultimately drives effective leadership and fire department success
No loss of time due to an injury from falling out of your rig is acceptable, and certainly not a loss of life
Trust, honor and ethics must be central to your individual decision-making and organizational culture