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Special Coverage: Embracing the data revolution in the fire service

As firefighters and leaders find themselves embracing new technology, from in-mask thermal imaging, to CAD and GPS-enabled firefighter tracking systems, to drone-based size-ups, we’re collecting a wealth of information about fire behavior and fire service response.

The next steps are translating all this data to actionable steps to improve fire attack strategies, increase situational awareness, optimally direct fire response and maximize firefighter safety.

Improving firefighter safety and survival through science, medicine and technology
Tracking your first due area demographics, response details, and firefighter gear and apparatus details will make applying for grants a breeze
Fire-Rescue International speaker Joshua Reichert gives his insight into why firefighters should preplan their strategies based on how people react in fires
Qualitative data can identify firefighter knowledge, skills and abilities that can shape their role, benefiting them and the department
IAFC FRI speakers discuss how fire and EMS departments can present data to elected officials, the media and the community at-large
Using a cloud-based system allows all stakeholders access to the same information, eliminating missteps and documentation mistakes
Knowing your fire department’s stats can improve operations and firefighter safety, making you an all-star in protecting life and property