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Watch: Calif. FFs sing ‘Don’t Burn Down Your House’ in viral educational music video

The rewritten version of “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads warns residents of common fire hazards

napa fire department education music video don't burn down your house

Photo/Napa Fire Department

Jennifer Huffman
Napa Valley Register, Calif.

NAPA, Calif. — What does a 1980s Talking Heads song have in common with the Napa Fire Department?

A lot, if you’ve seen the new video that local firefighters and other staffers made and just posted online.

Called “Don’t Burn Down Your House,” the song and video is a clever parody of the Talking Heads’ 1983 hit “Burning Down the House.”

The vintage tune was tweaked and rewritten by Napa Fire Marshall Greg Fortune and Fire Inspectors Brandon Veyna, Jose Valenzuela, and Omar Galvan.

“We were looking for a creative way to get the message out” about fire safety “that hasn’t been done before,” said Fortune.

“Something that would be more eye-catching” than the typical public safety message, said Veyna.

Using just an iPhone and iMovie, the firefighters filmed a video of the “band” performing, accompanied by the Fire Department mascot Sparky on keyboards. Even department administrators Shuree Egloff, Donna Whitney, and Ana Garibay made an appearance, wearing matching fire turnout gear.

“It was definitely a collaboration,” said Veyna.

Filmed in front of a run-down building wrapped by “caution” tape, with a concrete barrier and chain link fence, the location looks right out of a music video.

“All that caution tape and fencing was already there,” Veyna explained about the background scene. “It was already Armageddon-ish. It was really, really perfect.”

The team spent about three to four hours at the site, dancing and “playing” their instruments. Because the property is not open to the public, they didn’t want to say where it was located, only that it is in Napa County.

Then, using a karaoke musical version of the original “Burning Down the House,” Veyna dubbed in their own singing and lyrics. It turns out he has some experience — he has a B.S. in film/electronic arts from CSU Long Beach.[0]=AZVSKrTq5DgzyG93ixlwluvHqDnhjN0oeLqmshEdGz-5N_1kmHzx71r6psN3BW3CaLeFNJC58QX4Y_2h-B-UjkwfzAqIPvPMKg8aVpTxyRhthOf9TMfFdevnSE099wzemEw5xRsY93LhpWtFozW_G6UKb1ElOOJY6vNJU-IhHrZ-_dHwc-cD03kqx0FX5-3snWc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

“Don’t Burn Down Your House”

ORIGINAL SONG: Burnin’ Down the House



“Ahh Watch out, keep yourself out of danger

Cool kiddies, learn how to prevent disaster

Here are some things you can try

So you don’t burn down your house.”

“Alright, let’s start with smoke detectors

Test them, every month so they’re effective

Never remove your smoke alarms

They alert you to get out.”

“Now moving on do not get bored

Let’s talk about extension cords

Don’t ever use them with space heaters

Never under rugs or ran through walls

That’s not how they should be installed

That’s how they get!”

“Cooking you’ve gotta watch those hot pans

Hot flames and grease will burn you if you let them

Never turn your back on the stove

Don’t burn down your house.”

“If your family has a fireplace or sometimes cooks on the barbecue

They can have hot ash I’m not a liar

Always make sure that they are cold before throwing them out as old

Or your trash may burst into fire

Don’t burn down your house.”

“Accidents, yes they will sometimes happen

Evacuate, your house don’t hide nowhere no slacking

Once your safe call 911

And stay out of the house.”

“Now you have some tips to use so make a plan and be prepared

Ensure your family’s protection

If you happen to forget these tips cool kids, then please do not despair

Just call Fire Prevention.”

The band, known as the Fire Prev Boys and the Administrators, even adopted some elements from the original “Burning Down the House” video, including the opening, some dance moves and a floating head effect.

“It came together really, really well,” said Fortune.

They spent about 20 to 30 hours on the project, which is part of their job as fire prevention educators, the men explained.

It seems to have worked. As of Wednesday, the YouTube video of the song has been viewed 12,000 times. It’s also been shared on the Napa Fire Department Facebook page and other social media sites.

“We’re so thankful for all of the folks out there that have seen it and are sharing it,” said Fortune.

“That’s incredible,” he said. “Honestly, it gives me butterflies.”

Fortune, who is also a musician, has played before live audiences for many years, but “I haven’t seen this happen before” where a video becomes so popular.

“We’re blown away by the response,” he said. “It’s shocking really, but in a good way.”

“It snowballed into this amazing creation,” said Veyna.

“You hope it will resonate with people, but we really didn’t see this coming,” said Fortune. “I thought, hey if we can get 100 people to look at this, wouldn’t that be awesome?”

Apparently, the video message is already making a difference. Fortune gave the example of one friend who texted him after watching it. She didn’t realize she wasn’t using her space heater safely and quickly fixed the problem.

“How cool is that?” said Fortune. “That’s exactly what we need and want to happen.”

Fortune said the department was careful to add a disclaimer at the end of the video about using the Talking Heads music. “I hope that if somehow they were to hear about this they don’t sue us,” he said with a laugh.

“We were nervous about that. That’s why we put the disclaimer at the end. But it’s a great song and it lent itself perfectly” to their fire prevention message.


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