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Fire Recruit

Gainesville officials hope the new work schedule will enhance first responders’ work-life balance and boost recruitment
Since 2000, the number of volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania has dropped from 60,000 to 38,000
Bloomington’s new policy removes the paramedic licensing requirement to help increase the applicant pool
Alexander Griffin died during a run pursuing his dream of becoming a firefighter like his brother
Amber Ellison’s lawsuit claims that William Jucks made inappropriate comments and repeated sexual advances both during and after work hours
The addition of over 60 recruits will bring staffing in Birmingham up to over 700 full-time positions
Oakmont Assistant Borough Manager Phyllis J. Anderson said the addition of new firefighters has led to an order for more equipment
If you’re looking for new recruitment inspiration, view this webinar. You’ll hear from Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder, U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Morrie-Merrell and more!
Plan for your next promotion by taking charge of your training, experience and your understanding of the testing process
Start your new member on the right foot by getting to know them better and sharing key insights about the profession
Newark’s mayor and union president give differing views on staffing at the cargo ship fire during the ceremony for the newest firefighters
Frederick County Recruit Firefighter Ian T. Strickler suffered a medical emergency
Elevate the NFPA standard with pooled experiences from instructors to create forward-thinking, modern fireground training
Telling new employees their generation is lazy and entitled will only drive them to meet that expectation, rather than grow into the leaders of our future
The selected women will be trained as part of the National Park Service’s Women in Fire Program