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Gas Leak

How to address real-world scenarios
Are you truly ready for your next “smell of gas” call? Gordon Graham reminds you to appreciate the risk and prepare
Sterling Heights Fire Chief Kevin Edmond said the device will allow firefighters to quickly scan common venting points of a structure from a safe distance
An action plan for first responders outlines the appropriate training and skill levels needed to operate portable gas meters
Know the common sources and symptoms, immediate treatment options, and how to prevent CO poisoning
Investigators believe there were no smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire, according to the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office
Nine agencies responded to the gas leak at a home that resulted in an explosion and fire on Thursday
Officials say the engine was on its way to a reported gas leak with its lights and sirens activated at the time of the crash
Officials believe a gas leak may have caused carbon monoxide poisoning at the facility
One of the college’s buildings was evacuated due to a gas-like odor that led several to experience trouble breathing
The Maine Fire Marshal’s Office said that the leak was discovered in a propane line buried under the paved parking lot
The Lawrence fire chief says a leak in a high-pressure line has released a volume of gas in the “explosive range”
The blast killed Fire Capt. Michael Bell and injured his brother, Fire Chief Terry Bell, five other firefighters, a LEAP worker and an ambulance professional
The blast injured four other firefighters, including the town’s fire chief, one employee of the nonprofit center and one ambulance professional
Fire crews were investigating a report of a gas leak and evacuated the area before the explosion occurred