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Heat Exhaustion

The Heat Exhaustion topic features news, tips and resources for planning your fire rehab procedures to ensure firefighters do not suffer heat injuries. Learn how to cool down when facing environmental heat or get information on the latest fireground rehab products to lower body temperature after working in extreme heat conditions.

Several firefighters suffered heat-related injuries while fighting the Woodland fire
Scottsdale Fire rescue teams carried Diego down a steep part of the trail, and the hiker and her two dogs were then transported using a UTV
One firefighter hurt in the Fresno County wildfire remains hospitalized
“The folks out there are just taking a beating,” said LACoFD Deputy Chief Thomas Ewald, who said he expects more injuries due to the current conditions
Data from the NFPA report “Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground” can guide us toward better use of PPE to mitigate injuries
Twenty-two years ago, Manchester Firefighter David A. Anderson passed away on scene, and the two boys he was working to rescue did not survive
Crews from multiple departments battled the 6-alarm fire for about 5 hours
One firefighter at the Colony Fire suffered burns on his arms and face and was flown to the Parkland Hospital Burn Unit in Dallas
The Wichita Fire Department called in extra crews to keep firefighters from succumbing to heat exhaustion
16 firefighters were injured as the city’s infrastructure, not built for the extreme heat, is buckling
Boston EMS transported five firefighters and evaluated four at the scene
Four were transported after a stairway collapsed and have been released, and one was treated for a heat-related illness, officials said
A firefighter was transported for a possible heart attack, one for heat exhaustion, and others were treated for minor injuries at the scene of the Jenkintown fire
Most of the injuries were related to heat exposure; seven were transported to hospitals
Flames at the multi-family home reportedly reached up to 30 feet high before crews were able to knock it down
A Fresno County firefighter who was hurt battling a structure fire in Selma has been released from the hospital, Fire Chief Robert Petersen
A Folsom firefighter was taken to the hospital after a fire broke out at 2 homes
The firefighters were treated for heat-related injuries after responding to a blaze at Bargain Land on Coney Island
An Allentown firefighter was transported to a local hospital after working a fire at an elementary school that destroyed mobile classrooms
A Teaneck FF was treated for burns, 2 others for heat exhaustion suffered during the 4-alarm blaze
Two of the firefighters suffered minor burn injuries and six experienced heat exhaustion
Cooling centers, water distribution and other precautions not enough to prevent heat-related fatalities
The blazes are reminiscent of last year’s season, as officials warn against fireworks use in current ‘bone dry’ conditions
Two of the Boise firefighters treated were transported to the hospital for further evaluation, and one was released
Let’s do this: MCIs, hose stretch, RIT, size-up and more
As you ready yourself and your community for a heatwave, keep these tips in mind
When a Rochester firefighter began suffering from heat exhaustion at the scene of a fire, a transport ambulance was not available for more than seven minutes
A Monroe County firefighter was overcome by heat exhaustion and transported to the hospital after battling the fire at the ranch-style home