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With most lawsuits stemming from within the FD, officers must learn to identify and manage conflict-seeking members most likely to turn problems into litigation
Unpacking the survey data and identifying solutions to address the perfect storm of stress
Public information officer: The firefighter should have worn “a uniform shirt or department-approved and issued t-shirt,” not one with a political message
Fire service legal expert Curt Varone explains why fire service discipline is so different than discipline in “cubicle world”
49 city employees who refused to respond are facing disciplinary action, including termination
Officials are using American Rescue Plan funds to pay a $250 vaccination incentive for full-time EMS employees
Chief Goldfeder weighs in on how to deal with underperforming firefighters who can cramp the style of the entire crew
Members of IAFF Local 2041 filed a lawsuit against the City of Chickasha for allegedly failing to pay firefighters the lawful rate for overtime hours
When implemented effectively, a peer support program can be one of the best resources for first responders to access help
The personal risks and magnitude of suffering with the pandemic are something no one should have to face alone
The East Fork Fire Protection District is one of Nevada’s largest combination fire and EMS agencies. Hear how their Battalion Chief led the department to integrate complex crew scheduling with human capital management and payroll in a unified cloud platform.
The new law provides for two types of leave for employees impacted by COVID-19
During this national emergency, EMS needs to find qualified caregivers to help maintain field response capabilities
Employees who raise the bar need to be pushed with special projects and recognized for their achievements
Chief Niles Ford said the city will recruit firefighter-EMTs, eliminating separate recruitment tracks
Automated scheduling technology can help public safety agencies with employee notification and cost recovery for emergency staffing
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order authorizing more seasonal firefighters to boost staffing on one-third of CAL FIRE’s 340 engines
The off-duty firefighters vacationing at Hampton Beach sprang into action to help two understaffed engines responding to the scene
The action comes as fire departments and ambulance corps are finding it harder to recruit new members
Denison Fire Rescue officials announced they will be working with hiring firm, LifeNet Inc., to fill employment gaps in the department
The Dodge County Executive Committee understands the staffing need, but is still uncertain what the county’s role in the process should be
Download the free white paper to learn how to establish a more fair and equitable shift bidding process to save time and improve employee engagement
The department rejected Special Operations Chief Shaun Donovan’s application because the son of Staten Island parents was deemed too old by the current state rules by 6 months and 25 days
The city’s negotiating team will take over and negotiate with the Watertown Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 191 over the stipulation that 15 firefighters must be on duty at all times
Mad River Twp. Fire and EMS lost 12 experienced employees this week following the announcement that no changes in fire leadership were going to take place
The Santa Maria Firefighters Union alleges the civil rights of union leaders were violated when the city investigated them over what they contend was legally-protected speech
Mills officials voted to reduce the Mills Fire Department to administrative-only roles and would lay off nine full-time firefighters